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All rights reserved. Auditor The auditor is responsible for SCM audits and reviews. Need to ensure the consistency and completeness of release. Project Manager: Ensure that the product is developed within a certain time frame Monitors the progress of development and recognizes issues in the SCM process Generate reports about the status of the software system Make sure that processes and policies are followed for creating, changing, and testing 5. The outcome of the planning phase is the SCM plan which might be stretched or revised during the project.

Software Configuration Management Tools Any Change management software should have the following 3 Key features: Concurrency Management: When two or more tasks are happening at the same time, it is known as concurrent operation. Concurrency in context to SCM means that the same file being edited by multiple persons at the same time. If concurrency is not managed correctly with SCM tools, then it may create many pressing issues.

Version Control: SCM uses archiving method or saves every change made to file. With the help of archiving or save feature, it is possible to roll back to the previous version in case of issues. Synchronization: Users can checkout more than one files or an entire copy of the repository.

The user then works on the needed file and checks in the changes back to the repository. They can synchronize their local copy to stay updated with the changes made by other team members. Following are popular tools 1.

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Git: Git is a free and open source tool which helps version control. It is designed to handle all types of projects with speed and efficiency. Team Foundation Server: Team Foundation is a group of tools and technologies that enable the team to collaborate and coordinate for building a product. Ansible : It is an open source Software configuration management tool. The primary goal of the SCM process is to increase productivity with minimal mistakes The main reason behind configuration management process is that there are multiple people working on software which is continually updating.

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SCM helps establish concurrency, synchronization, and version control. A baseline is a formally accepted version of a software configuration item Change control is a procedural method which ensures quality and consistency when changes are made in the configuration object.

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Configuration status accounting tracks each release during the SCM process Software Configuration audits verify that all the software product satisfies the baseline needs Project manager, Configuration manager, Developer, Auditor, and user are participants in SCM process The SCM process planning begins at the early phases of a project. Today business needs to keep track of their performance and strategy to grow.

Section 5 describes the typical working relationships and roles and responsibilities between contractor and contracting agents, which encompass process steps that can be taken in preparation for and closure of each technical review. The content of Section 5 is intended as source material for planning and negotiations for conduct of the technical reviews between the contracting agents.

The technical reviews and audits are necessary systems engineering SE activities performed to assess technical progress within a program, relative to contractual requirements and developmental maturity. Technical reviews of program progress shall be event-driven and conducted when the system under development meets the review entrance criteria as documented in the Systems Engineering Plan SEP. The technical reviews and audits shall include participation by subject matter experts who are independent of the program i.

The technical reviews are conducted by the contractors and subcontractors, also referred to as primes and subs at logical transition points in the development and design efforts, for an idealized EI in various phases of an EI's development to:. Determine mitigation plans to avert program schedule delays and unplanned resource expenditures.

The contracting agency shall perform initial tailoring of this document in accordance with IAW Appendix K Application Guide for Tailoring MIL-STD, to require only what is needed for each individual acquisition, and address appropriate program scope, program size, and technical progress within the acquisition life cycle. Technical Reviews and Audits defined herein shall be conducted in accordance with this standard to the extent specified in the contract clauses, Statement of Work SOW , Compliance Standards List, and the Contract Data Requirements List that is based on the Government's need for technical data required to support the acquisition and life cycle support strategies.

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Guidance in applying this standard is provided in Section 4 and 5. These technical reviews provide a method and forum for the primes and subs and the contracting agency to assess whether the status of the end item under development and the supporting documentation have met contract requirements and expectations, with an appropriate level of maturity, to continue to the next phase of the program with manageable risk.

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